Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I'm so excited ...

... and I just can't hide it .....! Been a while since I felt like singing - OK, so that's not necessarily a bad thing!

Tomorrow is nearly here and I can't believe it's finally arrived. Mine and Jak's Crafter's House Party. It's seems as though it's been an age coming but - where have the last 18 months gone?

I've now got everything packed - well, what's not packed now isn't going so, if I've missed something off my list, it stays missed 'cos it's all in the boot of my car ready for the off tomorrow morning. Boris, my satnav (Boris 'cos it's a German make called ...... Becker!), has been programmed and I've printed a hard copy of the directions just in case Boris fails (it's happened to me before, although not by Boris - *LOL*). I've got 2, not quite full, crates of craft stuff and a tiny boot so that is nearly full. I do have a bit of room to add some smallish bits like laptop and hopefully some of Greta's stash but the cases will have to be anchored on the back seat of the car. This is when I wish I had a bigger car!

I'm aiming to leave around 8am hoping to be with Greta by 9:30-ish. Shopping delivery to the cottages is booked for between 2 and 4pm so want to be sure we're there to receive it. Rather be too early and stop for lunch if journey goes well, than be late. It's an estimated travel time of 2½ hours from Greta's house so should be OK. I have a feeling that our Spanish contingent have arrived in the UK already as their flight was around mid-day I think but, they don't seem to have bought the sun with them, although it's not too cold. I'm hoping that our weather forecast is wrong 'cos it would be so nice to sit outside relaxing.

Camera is packed and lappy is coming as well but whether I'll link up to the internet ............. ? We'll see. I'm hoping for a few tips from the PSP users - amongst other things *LOL* It'll be a novelty if I get a card made!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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