Monday, 15 June 2009

It couldn't have ...

... been better! Our Crafter's House Party! I've loads of piccies to sort through - some good, some bad, some indifferent at a quick look but, there will be some posted later. In the meantime ...

It was wall to wall sunshine all the way so the Spanish contingent did well (and the forecasters got it wrong)! Leg really did stop me walking anywhere, which was unfortunate 'cos the surrounding area was as flat as could be and stunningly beautiful. The cottages - well, they were better than we could ever have imagined! Certainly fell on our feet with it all, weather, location, accommodation and the best company! Crafting was there if wanted but it wasn't obligatory. Some did and some didn't do any, which was fine. I had a few tips on Prisma colouring and I've finally decided that my problem with watercolouring is .......... water! We tried new things and visited old things. Some of us had therapies (mine? - Hot Stones massage and Indian Head massage - bliss!) - some standard, some tailor made for our specific problems. Some went walking and some just sat and talked. We ate well - at the cottages (sparked off by a huge plate of flapjacks made by the lovely owner - thanks Jean!) and finishing with a beautiful meal at a local restaurant on Saturday. Some drank well. *grin* The one thing that we all did - we chillaxed!!

There was one downside though - there always has to be something, doesn't there? One of our party was taken ill and had to be ambulanced to hospital where she still is today - waiting on scans to determine what the problem is so it can be treated properly. She's been suffering for a while now so hopefully this will, at last, give her her health back and she will have gained something from the weekend as well. Even this had an upside though! The inital response Paramedic was a crafter so she totally understood what we were talking about and where we were coming from. She's even managed to follow up on the patient .... through Jak's blog (which is more up to date than mine) and even leaving a comment *LOL* Anyway, guess Debs has given us an excuse to repeat it sometime in the future so that she hasn't missed out completely!

There was only one complaint that I heard ..... it wasn't long enough! *LOL*

Today it's back down to earth. Had a call from Respite while I was away. They want to keep Dad for at least another week to increase his intermediate care because of his poor mobility and give him some intensive physiotherapy. What really worries me is that, before he moved, he was able to walk without any aids. Not well, admittedly, but he's not walked well for years however, he could still walk without aids. It seems he can barely walk at all now. Why? Perhaps he damaged something when he fell a couple of weeks ago but, without him going to hospital (which he refuses to do) there's not much chance of knowing that. It seems that he wasn't walking as well as normal before his fall anyway. Everything changed the day he moved!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Jan R said...

A perfection description Pam of our weekend away. All your organising paid off and it was a great success and agree - it wasn't long enough! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Big thank you once again
Thankfully Debs is now back home and the medics have diagnosed her problem, so that's a relief.
I do hope things are improving for your Dad this week and that Respite are getting things more organised for him.