Sunday, 7 June 2009

Said I'd be playing ...

... catch up! Been so busy since my sleepless night and not all of my own making.

Thursday 4th ... was a pretty emotional day altogether. It was the day planned to do the final clearance at Dad's old home - my childhood and 55 years of my life. Fridge and freezer had been sold easily and even an old Baby Burco wash (now called water) boiler found in the loft. Eldest offered the use of his van so we only needed to do one tip run which actually had to be arranged in advance with the Council because of it being a van we were using - even if for general 'household waste' only.

Garden shed, as well as the house, had to be cleared of what was left after the Freecycle 'open house' so a good few spiders were made homeless *LOL*. When it came to it the only stuff to dump was what was left in the shed (not much) and some vertical blind brackets that I hadn't realised were still in situ. The actual blinds were disposed of a while back when clearing the bedrooms in preparation of the unwanted wardrobes going. Bit of a waste 'cos vertical blinds cost a fortune and they would have stayed (or earnt money for the dogs) had I realised the fixings were still there! I'd already made an 'executive decision' to leave the carpets in place as they were in good condition, albeit a couple being a bit dated. They would still give service to the next tenants while they got themselves sorted out. If Council decide they're to come up they can take them up and charge us - although they'd said that the lounge, stair, landing and hallway carpet could stay. Everything else that was left went to the Dogs Trust and it ended up being less than a boot full which my brother, who came through to lend a hand, took and delivered on his way home. Collected all keys, closed house up, had a few tears and away home I went - only to realise, an hour later, I'd forgotten to read the meters!

Went back and read meters, voted in the European Elections on way home (wonder if that was a waste of time or not) and sent the readings in via t'internet. Keys bunched and labeled (not sure if that was required but done anyway) and put in an envelope all ready to go back tomorrow (Monday) morning.

With all that done I was anticipating a few days to myself so that I could clear accounts and paperwork that had been building and to start the final preparations for next weekend and the Crafter's House Party. Unfortunately it seemed that Dad had other ideas ..... *crying*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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