Monday, 27 July 2009

Grrrrr! ...

... day started well - not! Had a couple of nights of reasonable sleep - not good but better than it has been then, last night, back to what is becoming the norm! Tossed and turned until fed up with that and got up for a couple of hours. Today was my MRI scan which, fortunately, didn't take long (in hospital for just over half an hour) but it's just as well as things have turned out.

Phone call received around 10:30am from Dad's morning carer. Had I got any more meds for him? Nope, not one, except for his next lot of night eye drops 'cos, when he was discharged I was told that I wouldn't need to deal with them anymore. They're now blister packed and would be delivered on a standing order basis ...... was what I was told. Pity it didn't happen as he's now run out of meds! Rang surgery but they've no record of anything relating to his meds since 9th June. Rang Rehab - well, we faxed surgery with his requirements for meds, District Nurse and continence assessment ..... even got confirmation that fax went. Do they have confirmation fax received at other end? Eeeeerrrmmm - nope! Now Dad's in limbo while I try to sort out this fiasco! The only meds he's got are his pain-killers and his eye drops. Everything else has hit zero, zilch, nadda - and they wonder why I show concern sometimes. At least, when I was dealing with all this we never had a problem. His meds were always ordered in good time, his eye drops were changed monthly as they should be. Get the 'caring' professions/authorities involved and it all goes to pot! I'm finding it harder and harder to stay civil with them as I feel that they have let him down so badly and, in them letting him down, it means I have as well because I'm the one that got them involved in the first place. They've certainly done him no favours.

I now soooooooooo wish we'd kept things as they were as it's all more of a worry than it ever was before he moved. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but Dad's move has probably been the worst decision that could ever have been made for him, for me and for any of us. I spend more time worrying about him now (which causes others to worry about me) - although there's less running around - than I ever did before and I'm far more emotional. Dad has changed beyond recognition and, although he says he's fine, he doesn't look, or act it. His mind, not good for years, seems to have taken a dive to another level and doesn't look like coming back. He looks lost, lonely, unhappy and on a completely different planet.

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Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love it that you added yourself as a follower. So glad to meet you. I have been looking through your blog and I really enjoy your photos. It is nice to get a peek at your countryside. It is beautiful!!!