Friday, 17 July 2009

Well, here's some ...

... photo's of beautiful scenery, none of which is more than 3 miles from my home. Two beautiful village ponds but so different from one another. One set in the middle of a busy little olde worlde village on the coast, the other set in a tranquil little downland village surrounded by farmland - with Sussex University on it's doorstep and a blooming 20k seater football stadium being built just round the corner!

There's a vista over the city of Brighton and Hove from a main road into my own 'village' from the University - with Worthing in the far distance. and finally a view from another road into my home 'village' towards the sea and capturing St Dunstan's on the left of the picture and the world famous Roedean Girls School on the right. Unfortunately the sun didn't shine at the right times so not all as pretty as they could be ....

Rottingdean Pond

St Laurence Church & Falmer Pond

Falmer Pond

Vista from Falmer Road over Brighton to Worthing

St Dunstan's & Roedean School from Warren Road

Maps showing locations of photo subjects

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Anonymous said...

WOW Pam, what stunning scenery..... you really have captured the beauty of your area. The pic of St Laurence Church & Falmer Pond is absolutely stunning - but then I am a fan of architecture lol