Sunday, 16 August 2009

Friday was ...

... a funny day. Funny odd, that is. It started badly finding out that our Chalky had died but, until then, it was a day I had been looking forward to.

Car had been booked in for it's annual service and MOT. The garage I use is just off of the road that my good friend Cally lives in so, as has become the norm over the years, I book it in for a day when Cally's available and we have a 'playday' - *LOL* I drop car off, walk to hers, play and chat then walk back to garage to collect car when ready, later in day. Well, that's the theory and has worked well until this year - 'cos I can't walk the silly little distance from garage to hers without ending up being laid up for a few days after! This year I called at hers first, dropped off my toys and she followed me to garage in her car to drive me back to hers! Took less than 5 minutes from garage to hers by car. Would probably have taken me an hour, or more, on shanks' pony - if I made it at all *LOL*

Had a lovely day playing, chatting and generally putting the world to rights ... remembering Chalky and the sense of relief when it emerged that he hadn't been poisoned (you can't believe how upset and angry I was thinking some 'really nice person' had ended his life that way) then the call came from garage! Needed a bit of work but time was running out. Unlike other years they wanted to keep it until the morning *doh!* Quick travel arrangements made so not a problem.

Now I'm a couple of hundred+ quid lighter and still got the Road Fund licence to get but would I give the car up for public transport? No way, José - I couldn't afford to, either financially, convenience or timewise - *lol!!* I sooo wonder how I managed without a car when the lads were little. They were doing their own thing by the time I learnt to drive!

The results of our playday - or at least, my results - are on a separate post. I'm sure Cally will be posting hers on her blog in the fullness of time. She managed a couple more than I did!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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