Tuesday, 10 November 2009

SU Stampers 10 challenge

My Stampers 10 group were issued a challenge this month. We were sent one sheet of 6 x 6 inch SU designer paper and were told to 'get creative'! We could cut, fold, tear, punch or just leave it as is and use it on a card. I knew exactly what I wanted to do if I could find instructions so, with the help of my dear friend Mr Google I went in search and found just what I was looking for. Unfortunately it turned out that the paper was a little too thick for the job as there were so many folds involved but I think it's sort of worked? Can you tell what it is?

Yep, it's an owl (well, what else would I choose to do - huh?) It was nearly a box though and I'm thinking that it might have been better to have been one but it's done now. If anyone else is interested in making it the instructions can be found here I would suggest that you use thin paper that takes a sharp crease well - *LOL*


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Only By His Grace said...

Hi PeeJay!
That is one cute owl. Very clever.
Hugs Marion