Sunday, 31 January 2010

Birthday overload ...

... 4, yes 4, in 5 days! I don't know what it is with my family but it seems that most of it was born in January, February and March but January's are concentrated into 5 days.

Started off on the 26th with youngest grand-daughter, Amy, who reached the grand old age of 4. A couple of days break and the 29th saw Dad's 88th and next youngest grand-daughter, Emma, reach the dizzy heights of 8 years old (she was born on Dad's 80th birthday). That was immediately followed by me, on the 30th, yesterday, reaching ..... well, let's say that next year sees me with an '0' birthday that I certainly would rather not have. Never had a problem with other '0' birthdays (although the last one I wasn't too keen on) but this one is scary! The last one made me realise that the majority of my life was behind me and this one means that there's now another 10 years off of what I had left then! Depressing :0{ and even more so is how quickly the first month of this New Year has disappeared - *doh*.

It'll soon be Christmas again *:0{* In fact, eldest was talking about Christmas dinner for 2010 last weekend. He's starting to save now to go out for Christmas dinner (his is now a BIG family with his new partner's 3 children and his own 2) and he plans on booking it around August/September time. We've told him to count us in *hehe*

Faster than the speed of light - lol!

I've eaten a fair bit of cake this week (those below were the 4th!) ... and was even given a 'goodie' bag when I left the littlie's party Saturday morning ... so it's done nothing towards helping me lose some of the weight I've put on over the past few months but, as I've just spent a fortune on buying larger sizes for my wardrobe and the holiday, I guess I need to keep it for a while to make the spend up worthwhile *LOL*

I managed to make the birthday cards for the girls but I was naughty and bought Dad's. I'm still trying to get myself organised at home but don't seem to be getting very far. There's not much going to be done for the next couple of weeks - no, nearer months - 'cos I've got to start prepping for the holiday. Can't believe it's only 2 weeks away now. Would have been going on Tuesday if the date hadn't changed but it may be just as well it was as hubby has his op this week .... or we hope it's 3rd time lucky and it does happen. The only downside is, it's his birthday while we're away now whereas I would have been back for it. Wouldn't mind so much but it's his 70th, although he says he's not bothered as he won't be able to do anything anyway! One in a million, my old man *mwah!*

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Pam that looks like a great day.