Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I've been ...

... shopping! Online shopping while waiting for the thaw to start - lol! Actually it's been more desperation after getting what little I could, by way of holiday clothes, in M&S last Tuesday. I managed to get a cozzie, some lightweight trousers, a couple of tops and a dress (thought I might get the legs out, except it's ankle length - *lol*). No sarongs ... unless I wanted to pay an arm and a leg for a cover-up ... or slip on, non-post flip flops. Anyways, managed to find some sarongs and flip-flops on eBay, ordered sun & bug lotions from Boots Online and bought the anti-malarials the same way. I'm now starting to get it all arrive.  Dribs and drabs, admittedly but at least it's arriving! Money has been transferred so as far as I'm concerned it's all paid for and just my 'spends' to cover, which I did last week when I was in Tesco.

Does seem very strange though - all these summer clothes that I keep looking at and waiting for when we're minus silly degrees with a foot of snow outside the front door - *grin*!

I'm also waiting on delivery of some crafty bits but that is tending to find itself on the backburner at the moment as holiday, Dad and taxman seems to be taking over everything else right now. Taxman should be happy (or at least I will be when I find out how much he's paying me back) by end of week, or even this evening - *lol* - and looking forward to a day of classes with Paula Pascual on Thursday at the Glitterpot (note to self: look to see if they've got the new owl stamp set Papermania have just released .....!)

Oh yes ... I've also been busy arranging another House Party after the success of last year. Can't wait for that! Will be September this year 'cos a lot have got other commitments earlier in the year - and I've got an African holiday to go on .... did I mention that before??? *RFLMAO*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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