Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Christmas 2009 ...

... a little late but catching up. No christmas photo's (first time ... ever) of the eldest grandchildren but there are a couple of eldest's new partners oldest 2 (phew!)... both boys and into card towers - *lol* It would be easier to call them our new step-grandchildren except they're not 'cos eldest hasn't remarried. Mind you, he can't yet anyway. Not until he receives his absolute, which is in the pipeline but not sure he intends to marry again. Have to chuckle 'cos neither did I but it's 25 years on the 2nd one for me (3rd for hubby) this year - *LOL*

Here's a medley of some of the photos I have got, until I can get more to add to them. Need to become a nagging Mum, methinks - especially as the eldest's entourage (as it's become) bought me a digital photo frame for Christmas. Need some new stuff, as well as old, to display - *hehe* There's a mix of photos from old camera and my new one.

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