Thursday, 22 July 2010

Just when ...

... I thought I was near to catching up, things come along and stop me posting again! So much for this being my 'diary'. Diary's are supposed to be something kept up on a daily basis and this just ain't happening - *LOL* Must try harder. Perhaps I need to put some set time aside every day but I just seem to be sitting waiting for phone calls at the moment.

  Dad's not having a good time right now and the chances of him having to move again is becoming a decided option. He seems to have deteriorated so much over the last few weeks, not helped by the fact he keeps falling. The falls have shattered his confidence and he's becoming increasingly reliant on people helping him to move around. Unfortunately where he is now is not set up to give that type of care so full residential may be the only option left. He's undergoing blood tests to rule out vitamin deficiency and thyroid problems and, if they're ruled out, he's going to be referred to the Adult Mental Health team. It is so obvious now that he's suffering from dementia - has been obvious for years to me - but now it's at the stage where, to get the help he really needs, it has to be officially diagnosed and put on his medical records.

Anyway, I've now got to a 'catch up' scenario again .... Spain, stories and a weekend visit to a craft show in Doncaster. Ho-hum ... one day I'll get back to blogging on a regular basis. Just not sure when it'll be!

Thanks for dropping by .....


Anonymous said...

Sending you a big hug Pam,it really is not easy to see your parent like this,
Take care.
Love Sian x

Budge said...

Sorry to hear this about your dad Pam.
Lots of hugs for you as it must seem never ending.
Sylv xx