Saturday, 10 July 2010

More pics ...

... from my touristy bit yesterday. Today they're all dedicated to the Royal Pavilion and wouldn't yer know it? There were photo opportunities that I missed and I can see where I could have done better with these ones. Problem with the sun being so bright and not being able to see the LCD screen properly so taking photos is a very much hit and miss affair! Oh well, will have to try to find some time to go again .... and perhaps wander a wee bit more down to the seafront as well. 'Tis only a couple of streets away from the Pavilion so guess I could park up and take it easy!

Anyway, here's just a small selection of those I took yesterday, including my tea and rock bun *LOL* Was surprised at the lacking of pigeons in the cafe area. Last time I was there, which was eons ago admittedly, they were all round your feet after the crumbs. It was difficult to pick your way through them but they were conspicuous by their absence yesterday.

Stunning building and grounds/gardens and it's where our youngest son, Wayne, married ... in the Red Drawing Room.

North Gate - entrance from road

As much of the Pavilion that I could get in with my camera lens. 
It's a wide angle lens but not quite wide angled enough to get it all in one shot.  There is still a fair bit missing but hopefully the missing bits (very ornate colonnades at either end) are covered in other photos but it's the most I've ever managed to get into one shot *grin*

North Gate - exit side

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Sue said...

Thanks for showing us these lovely photos Pam.I have only been to Brighton sea front once.I did get to see the front of the pavilion,but that was it, as we were going to a party and didn`t get a chance later.Its beautiful.

Jan M said...

I haven't been to Brighton for about 10 years but I did go inside the Pavilion - WOW !! Its a place everyone should see at least once. Thanks for bringing back some lovely memories for me with your pictures

Greta said...

Fab pics Pam. x