Friday, 9 July 2010

We're having a heatwave ...

... a Tropical heatwave *lol* and I'm getting waaaaay behind with my blogging and now it's going to be coming out all date muddled! Still got to deal with the Spanish trip, yesterday it was Emma's sports day and Wednesday was taken up with Dad business. Not sure I've caught up with my catch up from when I was ill but, I'll catch up with all goings on laters as not in blogging frame of mind at mo - too hot methinks! Temps are climbing up to 30+c and they're now giving out health warnings on the weather forecasts. At least we're getting a summer this year and it's the sort of weather that starts making you think of aircon in the home and a pool in the garden - then common sense comes into play 'cos the UK is not normally known for this type of heat - *LOL* We'll continue with our ceiling fans and all the other fans we have clipped around the place.  They've been working OK up to now and have served us well over the years.

Today I had to take car to have it's aircon regassed. It's not been working and with the temperatures we've been having lately I need the aircon! Can't even get the car interior cool using traditional fan and windows open. Anyway, turns out that there was no gas in aircon at all. They think there might be a leak so they've put a dye in and if it stops working I've to take car back. Haven't had it gassed for a couple of years so it could just be that but they say it's rare for all the gas to have disappeared.

While car was being dealt with I had a couple of hours to kill and, knowing I was taking car into town, I took camera. Haven't been into town in years (still not been into shopping area, mind). I was ideally situated to do a bit of tourist stuff. I know. It's my home town but how many of us do anything 'touristy' in our own location? Can't walk far or fast, especially in heat, so couldn't cover much area but decided to take a slow stroll to the Royal Pavilion and have a cuppa and a rock bun in the Pavilion Cafe in the grounds/gardens. To get there I had to pass St Peter's Church and went through Victoria Gardens. St Peter's Church was the parish church of Brighton once upon a time and is the church my Mum & Dad got married in back in 1948 and it was the church I was christened in in 1951.  So sad to see the main entrances barricaded off now due to falling masonary.  The Church says it can't afford to maintain it but it's now been taken over by another church and the plan is to bring it back to it's former glory. 
More info ... Wikpedia
................... The Argus (local newspaper)

I loved that you could see a stained glass window on the opposite side of the building in the pic under.

It's a huge church .. this is the view from it's rear - and not it's best side!  Should have taken one from the other side but didn't have brain in gear so didn't even think about doing so.  Reckon it was the heat and trying to breathe might have had something to do with it - *LOL*

Victoria Gardens Fountain. 
It displays in several different ways.  Here's just a couple

Queen Victoria statue.
The other end of Victoria Gardens and why the green space is named as such.  I think the fountain is just visible at the back.  Not sure what the stone plaque says and, to be honest, it was only looking at the photos I even noticed that there might be something written on it.  Not much of a tourist, am I ... *hehe*

More on my little tourist trail will follow *LOL*

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