Thursday, 10 February 2011

The best laid ...

... plans and all that! The boring domestic stuff never got done yesterday, except for the soup making.  Got a phone call from the optician to tell me that new specs were ready for collection and fitting so I got the soup made and off I went.  Got seen as soon as I arrived but I was there for ages.  New specs were not right so there they were adjusting here and adjusting there with me telling them that it was the lenses.  My prescription hadn't changed so I should have just been able to swap specs from old to new without any noticeable difference in the sight but .... it wasn't happening.  Old specs I could see crystal clear.  New specs - blurred vision and distortion. They did all the normal checks and lenses appear to be to the correct prescription, didn't matter what adjustments were made or what angle the lenses were at I was still seeing double and getting distortion.  I don't think they have any idea why they're like it but one thing's for sure.  I'm not accepting them as they are - *LOL* They tried to tell me it's because they were rimless and I needed to get used to them.  Wrong, 'cos I've had 2 pair before with no problem.  Then they tried to tell me that it was 'probably' because my sight had changed substantially since I last had rimless (only just over 2 years ago).  Wrong!  Records proved that one as they showed my sight had been pretty stable for around the past 10 years with only very minor changes having to be made.

Anyway, specs have been left with them and they're going to have the lenses remade in a different material.  I also queried the charges as, if I go online and cost them out they're £40 cheaper.  That will be sorted out on my next visit.  In all the years I've been using this optician this is only the 3rd time that I've had a problem and, as I told them, each time I've felt there was something wrong with the specs there has been.  If push comes to shove I'll have my money back and stick with the specs I've got.  I was only changing them because I was bored with them *grin*

Wonder if I'll get the boring stuff done today????  I guess I got some sort of walk in yesterday.  Not quite what I had in mind - round the shopping centre *grin*

A few more pics from my stroll on Tuesday ...

Palace Pier (as it will always be to me) but now known as Brighton Pier

Palace Pier with the ruins of the West Pier in the background on the right of the picture

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