Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ooops! Slipping ...

... with my posting and I was doing so well - *LOL!*

I've been really busy.  Sunday was spent all day in the kitchen ... cooking!  I decided to cook a 'boeuf bourguignon' properly, from scratch, no jars, nothing!  Took forever to cook.  Around 5 hours but it also took a long time to prep.  The bulk of the prep was done at the start but more had to be done for ingredients that were added about 3 hours into the cooking.  Then I decided to keep to trad French as much as possible and decided to do 'pommes boulangére with rosemary' as a side dish with green beans for the veg.  Let's just say the experiment was an huge success but it's not likely to be repeated any time soon!  It was delicious and actually gave us 2 days dinners but after spending a long time on my feet in the kitchen I knew I'd done it and I ached in places I'd forgotten I had.  The joys of getting older!

Yesterday I was in the kitchen again but this time continuing with the 'spring' clean.  Oh, it's looking so much better!  Can't believe the amount of dirt the steam cleaner is shifting.  Certainly puts all the chemical cleaners to shame so there's gonna be a good few of them confined to the bin!  Hoping to continue there tomorrow and finish everything except the windows and floor, which, if everything goes to plan (oops - there, I said it so it's unlikely to) will be done on Friday and that'll be it ... finished!  

Then it'll be on to the next job but first I've to go shopping for something to wear to a Balinese wedding!  Found 2 long, floaty dresses I've really liked so far but - neither were in my size.  Looks as though I've got to go and foot slog the high street and that will be fun - NOT!  Can't remember the last time I went into the town to the stores but it was certainly 5+ years ago.  Mum was alive and I took her in.  Wasn't even for me or my benefit but she wanted to go 'shopping' so I took her.  All I wanted to do was get home and outa there!  I don't 'do' shopping (unless it's crafty) so the sooner in the sooner out - *lol*

Today it was a Dad visit day.  Had to go earlier than I normally do as his Occupational Therapist rang me yesterday and asked if she could come and talk to him with me there.  She wanted to sort out a 'problem' with a commode chair she'd ordered for him a few weeks back.  There isn't, as far as I'm aware, a problem with the chair at all.  The problem is that Dad doesn't want to use it and is kicking up about it and the carers have refused to force him to use it - which is right.  Don't think he's ever been asked to use it as a commode but more as a  wheelchair (it's wheeled) to get him from the bed to the shower in the morning when he's stiff from laying all night and having problems with mobility.  He would rather walk so walk he does.  He has agreed to use it - under sufferance - a couple of times, as he did today when the OT asked him to sit in it so she could try it and see if it 'worked'.  He really was not happy at all but she agreed it wasn't the best idea and if he wanted to walk then he should.  Outcome?  No idea except the commode is sitting in the hallway where it's been since it was delivered!

We've also now got the funeral details of our friend.  Her body arrived back in the UK on Friday.  The odd thing is, and I'm sure her hubby wouldn't have given this a thought, the funeral is on the day of the next meet that had been arranged and the day we would have seen her again following our last meet and their holiday.  We're all going to the funeral and then going to keep the meet, rather than cancel it, so we will be raising a glass to her in the evening.  I'm pretty sure her hubby won't be joining us but we can have our own 'wake' for her.  It seems right we should.

I'm getting itchy fingers to do something crafty but want to get these jobs done first however, in the evenings ... when I've lost the will to do anything vaguely physical ... I've been sorting photos on my lappy and putting them in order to save to disc.   I'm gonna save all the photos, used in the year book, to disc and make a wallet that I can stick in the back of the book and put the disc in so that's it kept with the book.  As well as doing that I'm trying to make a slideshow of the Spanish trip last year and will do something similar with the photos that I used in that photobook.  I'm considering whether to do the same for the African one.  That's more daunting as there are loads more photos involved.  In all these books there is only really a taster of the photos taken so I really should go through them and see what are worth keeping, what I can get rid of, and then decide what to do with those not used in the books.  Anyway, I guess all this stuff I'm doing with photos is crafting of a sort.  Hoping it'll be worth all the effort when finished :0)

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