Friday, 1 April 2011

And it's done ...

... the kitchen - YES!  The steam cleaner did the windows beautifully and the floor was a breeze.  Well, not quite as it had got quite bad so I helped it along with a bit of detergent.  A bit too much as it turned out 'cos it took me forever mopping it up after I'd steamed but the end result was worth it.  Will now keep on top of it *grin* 

I'm also done ..... in!  I'm totally aching, tired, and ready to collapse but it's done and, despite all of the above, I feel good *grin*  I've decided to give myself the weekend off.  Tomorrow I'm gonna do the washing 'cos that I can do without a lot of effort but I'm going to also browse the Kindle store to find some more books to load up ready for my holiday.  I've also got a bit of paperwork to do so at least I've got plenty to be getting on with that won't take any major effort.  Monday I'm planning on the shopping trip - :0(  It had better produce results else I'll be going to this wedding in a cozzie and sarong *LOL*  Oh yes, a trip to the Dogs Trust to drop off the offerings we've gathered for the shop.  Should give us a bit more space when that's gone.  I guess I should try selling some on eBay as there's some reasonable stuff there that could earn a bit but I've not got any mojo to want to do it.  It's storing stuff again and then the hassle of packing and posting.  Been there, done that - as a small business and I really couldn't face it right now.  I just need to sort and get rid as quickly as poss :0)

Now I'm going to chill for the evening and watch some TV ..... if I don't nod off first *LOL*
Thanks for dropping by .....

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Cally said...

Really pleased that you've finished your kitchen. I may have to invest in a steam cleaner..
If you have anything you want on e-bay I don't mind storing and selling it for you. My fees are quite reasonable :-)