Saturday, 23 April 2011

Getting excited ...

... now!  This time next week we should be landing, or near to landing, in Doha at the end of the first flight on our journey to Bali. 

It's been another busy day today -
Kitchen cleaned ü
Hallway cleaned ü
Washing done ü
All of the above, the bathroom and lounge (when it's done) are now down to Paul to keep on top of until I'm back  :0)

Bill payments up to date ü
Mail prepared to send at end of week ü
Notebook and pen ready for recording happenings *wink, wink, grin* ü
MP3 player loaded and checked ... nearly. May add more but it's not checked yet!

To do list is drastically shorter than it was but it's not as short as I'd hoped it would be by this time.  Think I need to get up early and do the more strenuous stuff while it's reasonably cool.  It's been so hot here of late and it's uncomfortable trying to do anything in the afternoon that needs a bit of energy.  The weather isn't helping my lung problem much either but I'm probably better off here by the coast than in the city/town centres right now, although I've had to rely on my 'emergency' inhalers today and that is quite unusual.

Tomorrow I'm planning on doing the lounge then it's all systems go on the packing ...

Thanks for dropping by .....

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