Saturday, 23 April 2011

St George's Day

St George - Patron saint of England.  
Back in 2008 I posted on this day and commented that the English don't really celebrate the day as others celebrate their saints days but that we should mark it and, perhaps, one day, we will celebrate as others do.  What's happened since then?  Nowt!  Even I've ignored it since then.
People .... 23rd April .... St George's Day!

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weewiccababe said...

it's the same with St Andrew's Day in Scotland :(

Anne-Marie said...

D'you know....not one person has even mentioned it around here....but my Dad was Scottish and we always had haggis on St.Andrew's Day....uggghh!

PeeJay said...

Makes me chuckle when everyone, but everyone, celebrates St Patricks Day ('cept I don't - lol!)