Sunday, 24 April 2011

I'm impressed ...

...  with myself.  I seem to be on track :0)  I made sure I got up early this morning and I had all the 'h' word work done in the lounge before Paul got out of the pit.  Don't yer love a plan coming together?  I've sorted all the clothes for packing and half is packed, the other half need to see an iron before they're packed.  Tomorrow should see the packing done with just last minute bits to throw in Friday night/Saturday morning :0)  Think I'll aim for early up tomorrow as well so the ironing is done before it gets too hot.  Check list is nearly all checked now, including the MP3 loading and testing.  It's working well *grin*

I'm liking this more organised way of life.  I'm hoping I keep it going when I'm back from the holiday.  I always used to be organised, in years past, but the needs of Mum & Dad seemed to overtake. My own home took a back seat and I let things slide.  It's taken a while - a very long while - but I seem to be getting back to the way things used to be.  Not as easily now, admittedly, as I find it really hard to do the most basic of tasks but if I can keep on top of things through the week then I should be able to find more time for my crafting .... hopefully! I used to run a tidy ship when I was working - can't really understand why it's not been since I 'retired'.  Anyhow, I shall be doing the best I can to keep it up - *LOL*

I'm also impressed with ... Blogger spam filter.  I'm loving it's effectiveness.  I reckon it stops 99.9% of spam which means less comment moderating needed.  People, if you moderate your comments - don't!  Take a chance and see what happens.  OK, I've got some moderation ... checking any anonymous comments on posts over a couple of weeks old, although I'm considering even dropping that.  I've taken off word verification (not that I had it for long anyway) and I certainly don't like having to approve comments before they can be seen and I don't like commenting on blogs where you can't see your comment until it's approved (not that I'm a good commenter - ooops!).  So much work for the blog owner and completely unnecessary now.  People, get your life back and take off all moderation.  You can always put it back again if you're not as impressed as me :0)

I'm not so impressed with the new Design feature.  Well, that's not quite true.  I am impressed with it although I can't get it to do what it's supposed to in some instances but what I'm not impressed with is an aesthetic thing.  Way, way back in times of yore, as part of my Business Studies course, I had to learn basic typing/secretarial skills.  I was taught that there should always be a double space following a full stop at the end of a sentence.  Since taking up computers and picking up the typing skills learnt way back when, it is automatic for me to 'double space' after a full stop.  Until the new Design feature came in that wasn't an issue.  Now it is and for why?  If the end of a sentence comes at the end of a line then the double spacing can cause an indent at the beginning of the next line.  Never used to happen so why does it now?  Using 'justify' sorts out raggedy right hand margins but it doesn't sort out raggedy left hand margins.  I don't like raggedy and use 'justify' all the time.  I've tried remembering to not double space.  It don't happen *grin*  It's too automatic for me after all these years.  I've tried to ignore the indents that shouldn't be there but it winds me up - I will persevere on that one.  I've edited to take out all the double spacing but that wastes time ... and shouldn't be necessary.  Please Mr Blogger - let us have that bit as it used to be so those of us 'old school' can use our double spacing and still keep the good look of our posts :0)

Thanks for dropping by .....

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