Sunday, 17 April 2011

It's still not ...

... come home yet but it could be on it's way - mojo, that is *LOL* 

It seems to have been a busy week this week.  Not sure how, or am I? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday?  Can't remember what went on there, other than the normal visit to Dad on Tuesday.  He said he'd had problems with the TV, or rather that the TV had gone wrong and was giving him lots of pictures with things he didn't want.  TV was fine and was on his normal channel and, when that was pointed out to him he told me it had 'come right' all by itself.  Now either he'd managed to get his thumb on the remote buttons and was continually changing channel without realising or he'd put TV on and it was a programme he wasn't expecting to see.  Either way, there didn't seem to be a problem so told him not to worry if everything was OK now.  He was really trying hard to explain what he meant but I'm none the wiser now.  

Thursday, Friday and Saturday ... and today ... well, I know what's happened on those days and they've been busy!  Unfortunately they've also given me a back I'd rather leave behind.  It is causing me huge discomfort at the moment so I've tried to rest it today.  Tomorrow I've got a back massage so hoping that will help if I ask them to concentrate on the base of the spine. Fingers crossed!

Anyhow, Thursday was spent with crafty friends at Greta's.  We actually got some projects made, or partially made, as well as a good old natter and one heck of a laugh courtesy 'de moi'!  All because I didn't get a 'joke' the first time round but found it funny anyway, for a totally different reason.  When penny dropped - ching! - later in the day we were in tears with laughter.  It's been a while since we laughed like that. Appleby Magna and apple pie beds came to mind as well as an incident in Spain last year, of which I can't remember the story that caused it but can remember the laughter!  Strange how it's crafty meets involved both times *lol*

On the way home I was supposed to stop to get fish and chips from local chippy for dinner.  No problem, it's just ¾ mile from chippy to home - or it should be.  Well, it is and it should be easy to get to chippy on way home.  Crossroads, turn left and park.  Except ... I couldn't turn left!  Road had been closed so I had to drive another mile, round the houses, to get to chippy!  Then I had to drive all round the estates to get home instead of the direct route because I couldn't turn left out of road either!  Reason for road closure?  Major roadworks at crossroads which have been going on months.  Started last November, had a break for a few weeks over Christmas and then they came back with a vengeance.  They're putting in filter lanes and moving pedestrian crossings partly due to the increase in traffic expected (or not expected if the official line is taken) due to the new local monstrosity nearing completion at the bottom of the road!  Yep, the football stadium (or the Amex Community Stadium as it's been named) is nearing completion.  The lovely eyesore which was supposed to blend in with the local area - the local area of outstanding natural beauty.  

Roadworks - from my position in queue at traffic control.  3rd car back, chippy in sight (blue shop signage) and my destination before home.  Needed to take a left turn here and couldn't!

Yellow sign in pic below says East Brighton County Hospital.  No idea where or what that is 'cos we don't have an hospital called that.  It's the 2nd sign on this road directing people to that hospital.  It was put up the week before the Brighton Marathon (April 10th) and they're still there.  Anyways, we have a Royal Sussex County Hospital (with an A&E), a Brighton General Hospital (no A&E) and a Nuffield Hospital (private), but no East Brighton County Hospital.

The following photos I've found by Googling so copyright isn't mine.  
If they belong to you and you'd prefer I didn't reproduce them here then please let me know.  

Anyhow, this is 'blending in with the natural landscape'.  Whoever even thought that would be the case lives in cloud cuckoo land but I guess they got their way on where it would be situated, despite there being areas that would have been far less invasive on it's neighbours.

The view I get every time I leave home to go anywhere other than along the coast road (Sussex University Campus in background).

Aerial views.
Top picture shows part of the A27 Brighton bypass in the bottom right hand corner - a 4 lane dual carriageway.  Just above that is the railway line and local station.  Between the railway line and the bypass - lower right hand side - is Southern Water HQ and the smaller buildings roughly centre of picture (which aren't actually that small but are low rise) are the Falmer Campus buildings of the University of Brighton with Falmer High School behind them.  How was the big blue monstrosity ever going to blend in?  It dominates everything around it.

The following picture also shows the stadium in proximity to the Falmer Campus and High School (right corner), Southern Water (bottom left) bypass and railway and, in this picture, upper left, Sussex University.  Also, top centre, above the stadium is the beautiful, picturesque Falmer village.  The village residents objected strongly to the stadium being built in such close proximity, forcing a public enquiry but, because they come under Lewes District Council and not Brighton & Hove (this being as close to the boundaries as can possibly be) they did not have any choice in the matter.  Plenty who could object, did object - me being one of the objectors - but unfortunately not enough objected although it was close.  A larger turnout of voters could have forced it to have been built in a more appropriate place.  

The road I travel most when I need to go anywhere is the line that runs from top right of pic to the bypass.  Travelling up the picture takes me to Lewes and beyond to the east, downwards takes me into Brighton (not that it's the way I go to get into town) or on towards the west (my friends Cally, Greta and others) or to pick up the A23 towards Gatwick, London and the M25.

Now that I've totally digressed I'll try to get back on track and off of the soapbox - *LOL!*

Friday I had a day at the Glitterpot doing a floral punch craft class with Jane Gill and yesterday I went and saw my nephew, Ryan, in his first semi-professional show.  I've never seen him perform before.  I'm so glad that it was this show I saw him in for my first time.  Footloose, the Musical.  He was one of the ensemble but he spoke, sung and danced - as well as having to do an American accent.  They were all young adults (16+) and most want to make a career in show business in one way or another.  They certainly had the audience clapping along and on their feet at the end.  It could have been a fully professional West End show on tour, it was that good.

Ryan, front right, blue tie, white shirt.

Promo photos in theatre foyer.  Ryan, top row, third from left.

My brother, Ryan and Ryan's girlfriend in background.

Today? I've rested but I've also finished my projects from this past week however, that's all for now folks.  Crafty projects another day - *grin*!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Jeanne said...

I did enjoy reading your blog because I am learning about an area I have never been. I am from the US (south FLorida to be exact) and I am in my 31st year of teaching in elementary school. I am also a writer and have 3 books published and more on the way. Love your blog.