Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Summary of holiday ...

... and a slideshow!

How was the time taken up ..... ? 

  • 1 rest day
  • 1 wedding day
  • 1 rest day
  • 1 beach day - Sanur Beach
  • 1 travel day - to Lombok
  • 1 rest day
  • 1 day sightseeing - Potter, Weavers, Pura Lingsar, market
  • 1 beach day - Gili Air
  • 1 rest day and ill (would have been ½ day sightseeing)
  • 1 travel day - back to Bali
  • 1 sightseeing day - Elephant Park, Tagallalang Rice Terraces, carver.
  • ½ sightseeing day (our choice) - Tanah Lot, Echo Beach
  • 1 rest day/evening sightseeing - Uluwatu
  • 1 forced rest/travel day .... home
Length of holiday?  
14 nights/days.  Can't help feeling it turned into a holiday of missed opportunities but at least we got to see some of the area and had a few first time experiences.  It wasn't all bad but it could have been soooo much better.

Adhoc pics around and about.  
Warning -There is a soundtrack on this slideshow ... traditional Balinese Rindik (bamboo) music *grin*

Back to the present and I've finally made a start on the prep for the shoebox card *phew!*  Couldn't find what I thought I had so having to improvise but it seems to be working.  I've made my sample card, now I need to make the packs.  Took a while to get to my crafty area as 'twas.  Still need to do a clear up - *lol*

Today it's off to Dad's.  Just hope he's in a better mood than he was last week but I'm sure he'll have some crisis or another.

Tomorrow I'll post some 'crafty stuff' *wink!*

Thanks for dropping by .....


Anonymous said...

WOW Pam, your photography is amazing!
I loved your slide show...........absolutely STUNNING!!

Jackiep xx

Viv said...

Oh Pam your slideshow looked amazing!!!loved the music too, sooooo realxing!! why no pics of the wedding though ( people I mean) ?? I want to fly to Bali asap now :O)Viv xx

Greta said...

Fab pics as usual Pam & the music - I love it - so relaxing!xx

Jan M said...

Wow Pam what an amazing slide show. I didn;t intend to watch it all as it was 11 mins long and I was sure I would get bored BUT I was hooked; I only wish you could have given a commentary as there was so much I wanted to know. This holiday may not have been all you expected but your pictures have given those of us unlikely to ever go there a fabulous taste of what it must have been like. Thank you x