Monday, 6 June 2011

Did I say ...

... we were going out for brunch?  Strike that, didn't happen.  Well, not with those we'd arranged it with  anyway.  

15th May and our very last day. Knock on our room at 9:30am. Everyone's going to coffee shop for breakfast. Everyone? What about our brunch date? Nope, going to coffee shop for breakfast. OK, when?  9:30. But it's 9:30 now. Jackie and I still in nightwear. Nothing said earlier. Jackie been up and around since early doors. Give us ½ hour? ½ hour later - ready but ..... not a soul around. They'd gone. No transport, no food, no info! We'd been fiddling around and packing, taking our time 'cos no rush ... brunch at 11am. No help forthcoming either so, after initial shock, we finished packing and took ourselves off to the resort restaurant for 'brunch' - although now more like lunch. Got to say that it was gorgeous. Both had burger with all the trimmings - and the burger itself? Pure steak, minced, formed and cooked to perfection. Trimmings included fried egg, bacon, cheese and all the usual - but better. It was so big neither of us could eat it all but it sustained us right through until we ate on the plane.

Our Villa at Karma Jimbaran
Centre - villa entrance gate.  Left - doors to the communal area (lounge, kitchen and dining area).  Right - plunge pool.

From door of communal area .... sunbeds, table and chairs, ground floor room (Hayley), 1st floor room (Mick & Lynn)

Across courtyard, a separate building ... Stacy, Sam and Ruby's room

Lounge area and the door to our room.

Kitchen area

Dining area

View from kitchen area

View from lounge area

 View from our room

Our room, called the 'study' room 'cos I guess it's also used as a study - *lol*.  There was a big desk to the right.

Daytime view from our lunch table on the very last day.

Not much more to say really - well, there is but I won't *grin* ...
The others came back from their 'trip' around 3pm and we left for the airport around 6pm.  Our flight was due to leave at 22:40 so there was a little time to kill once in departures but it went quickly with coffee and cake and a foot massage.  

Sunrise over Palm Island, Dubai

Sunrise approaching Qatar

Hello Doha (daybreak) .... 

.... Goodbye Doha (mid-morning)

Hello England. 

Landed back in the UK early afternoon on the 16th May and home by 3pm. Have I ever been more glad to be home? Nope, can't say as I have. This holiday has certainly proved to me that it's the people that make, or break, them. Bali and Lombok are beautiful places (which I would have loved to have seen more of) with beautiful, friendly people. Shame the same couldn't be said of some of our travelling companions *sad face*

There's one more post to come ...

Yesterday I was back on cooking duties. Paul's been trying but he's finding it hard still so I took over. Was hoping to see the littlies as well but, as Zac is still coming out in new spots and he's now got fluid building up in his ear. Daddy says it's not bothering him at the moment so let's hope it doesn't. Whatever, I didn't think it wise to go visit. Didn't want to risk bringing the virus into the house, just in case *lol*  I've also been working on a slideshow of odd 'general' pics of the holiday. Hoping it won't be too big for YouTube :0)
Today?  I am going to make a start on my shoebox card for the House Party!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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