Friday, 10 June 2011

What have I ...

... got today?  Nothing, nowt, nadda!  Well, not relating to yesterday anyway.  Spent time having a bit of a sort out and tidy up in my little crafty area.  Still some to do but at least I can see the worktop again *LOL*  I've also started sorting out what I'm taking to the House Party weekend from the craft point of view. As little as possible if I'm honest as I'm done with carting everything but the kitchen sink, which I used to do. I'll take basic tools, cutting mat, scoring board and a trimmer. Something to do any colouring that may be needed - watercolour pencils - and some jewellery making tools as we've got a jewellery project. Oh yes, and my shoebox card contribution.  

I took a few pics of the restaurant on Wednesday and just outside it.  Lovely aspect and, if it's a warm, sunny summer's evening it's pleasant to sit outside. Wednesday it was lovely and sunny but it was breezy and too cold to sit outside. We had a window table .... just under the 'an' of Italian - *LOL*

Edge of inner harbour to the right

 The inner harbour

 My steak ... delish!

Moon was up when we left

Back in late May our village held the Dean's Festival on the local school playing field.  I went last year but this year I didn't. Not really sure why I didn't but I didn't. The following Tuesday Dad gave me the day's local paper to bring home and read and, flicking through the pages there was a photo and in it was ...... our Emma, with her Morris dance troupe. Yep, she's still with it. Amazing staying power that girl. She joined the troup when she was 7, or possibly just 8 and over a year on and she's still with them. One of the longest serving now. The troupe is a lot smaller than it was as some of last year's members have moved on to secondary (high) school and this is a school troupe.

The photo in the local paper (Ems is the littlest one)

 Found this one of her in the paper's photo archive - going solo, bless!

That's about it  for now.  Hoping to finish the sort out in my crafty area and then it's some of the dreaded 'h' word.

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