Tuesday, 14 June 2011

There's a ...

... drought!  Nothing exciting happening, just boring, mundane 'stuff'.  Nothing doing over the weekend except I did get to see the littlies for a while.  First time I've seen them properly since I've been back from the holiday.  Events, colds and chickenpox had conspired against us getting together until this weekend - ooops!   Weather has been total rubbish.  I know we needed the rain but couldn't it rain just at night and leave it dry through the day?  Mind you, guess it's not been too bad today but I've been ensconced in my little crafty area decanting stamps into CD and DVD cases.  

I've now run out of CD cases so using DVD cases for some clear stamp sets. Not what I'd planned but I'm not buying any more just yet.  I've filled 50+ CD and 40-ish DVD.  Got the labels and DVD covers to put together and print and that's a few more done.  Need to reorganise the shelves to accommodate all the new cases now!  Decanting the stamps can be a boring job when there's a lot to do so I've kept myself amused by listening to Harry Potter.  I've got the full set of ebooks so I've uploaded them to my Kindle and had that playing while I've been working.  Really enjoying listening to them as well.  I've read all the books and seen all the films.  Now I'm getting to listen to them as well *grin*

Paul had his post-op appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon this morning and he's quite pleased with the progress and he feels that there is no longer any infection.  Paul's to see him again in 3 months.  Only problem is, he may need an op on his elbow!  We're hoping not but it's now looking as though he's got a touch of tennis elbow due to the strain it's been under.  Doc gave him a cortisone jab while he was there and a support to wear.  He's going to reassess in 3 months when Paul has to go back.

Anyway, time's now tipped over into tomorrow so I'm off to my pit!  Dad day in the morning .... wonder how that will go :0)

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