Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I've been ...

... Chibi'd *LOL* What's a Chibi? This is a Chibi .... well, my Chibi. 

Basically it's a caricature that's been drawn using a selection of photos to draw inspiration from. I love this Chibi *grin* It makes me look young, trendy and super slim. About the only thing anywhere near close to me is that the hair does have traces of grey showing and ... I wear specs. Other than that I don't think, even people who know me, would recognise it as me. Hubby certainly didn't and if he didn't than there's no hope for anyone else *lol*

Here are the photos I supplied, along with my age, for the artist to work from.  Draw your own conclusions.  As I say, I love it but .... is it really me?

If anyone else would like to be Chibi'd the link is at the bottom of my sidebar. Be prepared to wait about a month for it as Kristy is very busy doing these.  I ordered mine on 16th June.  It was ready on 15th July.

Anyway, we're back from Doncaster and what a brilliant weekend it was.  I'll be blogging about it once I've sorted photos but we're certainly up for going next year if it's repeated .... providing the workshop/s take place 'cos it's not worth the 5+ hour drive to get there and the same back, if there's no workshop/s *grin*

Thanks for dropping by .....


Anne-Marie said...

Aawww...you look so flippin' CUTE! I had a caricature drawing of myself done by a street artist in San Francisco, about 9 years ago....nobody thought it looked like me, but when I got it out and showed some new friends, they all thought it was my daughter...have to say it does look more like her than me....Ha!

My'scardcorner said...

I think its brilliant Pam me and hubby once had one done of the two of us abroad while we sat and it looked nothing like us .