Monday, 18 July 2011

We should be ...

... home by now from Doncaster but I've scheduled this post to give some breathing space :0) I just hope they've all played ball while we've been away.

Anyway, the last of my makings from the House Party weekend. This one was not a shoebox card but a jewellery project that Debs had for us.  She took us through some basic chain maille and this was my end result ... or perhaps not!  This is slightly different to what I bought home as I wasn't happy with the spacings of the beads on the necklace, or the length of it, so I changed it.  In photographing the items I've noticed a mistake with the bracelet so I think that will be corrected at some point - and I may put more beads on it.  Don't know but guess you could say that this is still a work in progress. 

Have to say, I like the chain maille bit so I'm thinking I could be looking into that in more depth, rather than go the bead route :0)

There is one more shoebox card that I made a start on but it isn't quite finished so can't show it. Of all the others .... they're not even started - *LOL!*

  Thanks for dropping by .....

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My'scardcorner said...

Its lovely Pam darent get into this jewellry making again I used to make some years ago.Look forward to hearing about your Doncaster trip.