Monday, 2 December 2013

A couple more ...

... from the Christmas workshop. A bit later than anticipated as I've asked a question and waiting a reply which doesn't appear to be forthcoming.  Nothing to do with the cards but relevant to this post.  Will post anyway ....
I loved the diversity of the designs Clair came up with.  I so wish I had the imagination.

An 8 x 8 inch (20 x 20 cm) card.
Imagination embossing folder
No idea whose die or stamp
Spellbinders Shapeabilities - 2013 Snowflake Pendant

An A6 card
Woodware Clear Stamp - Snowflakes & Sparkles
No idea re the Let it Snow stamp or the plaque die
White embossing powder
White ribbon
Candi made with a punch and matching card scraps.
I've started the photo book of mine and Jackie's holiday to Italy earlier this year.  Should have started it sooner but I'd already done 3, or is that 4, photo books this year and I kind of ran out of steam.  It takes a while to put the holiday ones together (it takes a while to put any together if I'm honest) as I research the places we visit so I can put a little info in the book and I also like to tell little 'stories'.  I keep a diary (I know, I'm sad) on a daily basis while we're away to remind me of what we got up to when the memory of the laughs we have start to fade - lol!  Have to say I love doing the books but I do have to be in a 'creative' mood to do them as I don't just dump photos in and hope for the best.  I can take a whole evening just doing 4 to 6 pages, or less.  Layout is everything and the choice of photos is hard when there's so many to choose from.  I prepare the books and then wait for a deal to come along.  I never, ever pay full price for a book and I never buy in advance and put myself under pressure to 'perform'.  Did it once, never again.  Gave me a month and I went to the wire.  Hated it.  Much prefer taking my time and there's always an offer round the corner *big grin*

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Kimbo said...

Lovely cards Pam particularly the first one x