Sunday, 14 February 2016

It's looking ...

... as though the OH is going to be having a bit of an extended stay in the hospice.  The pain isn't yet under control but he's having such heavy duty drugs he's totally spaced out so doesn't care so much.  He's not at all comfortable though so it would be good to have the pain down to a bearable level for him.  They've requested a full spine MRI scan to see if they can pinpoint the cause.  I guess they can better target it if they know what's causing the pain.  They managed to help him last year with the fluid problem.  I'm hoping that they'll be able to help him this time.

The younger grandchildren have found this blog *LOL!*  Youngest granddaughter told me they'd found photos of themselves on t'internet.  I asked how and it seems they've been Googling themselves and some photos came up .... from here.  I had to come clean with youngest granddaughter and tell her it was my blog.  She was impressed *ROFL!*  Old Nana Pam has a website and knows her way around IT a bit *grin*  She was even more shocked when I told her that she was only 2 when I started the blog.  Funny how kids perceive us.  Mind you, it seems you now become an adult at 10 ... according to her!

OK, where shall I go from here .... before it gets to 'old' here's some pics of cards and flowers I received for my birthday in January.  Yep, I was 65 .... not 70 as the eldest's card would suggest.  Mind you, he did clarify it by putting "coz you're not" on the inside but I did refuse to wear the badge as he wanted.  Told him it lied and I'd save it *ROFL!*  Flowers came from the eldest grandchildren.  They're still going but getting fewer as they die off *sad*

Twiggy & Toots card was made by my friend Cally - on commission from the OH.
It's lovely 
... and a card from my American penpal of 52 years and Cally's personal one to me.
Lots of handcrafted cards from my crafty friends.

Here's a few more 'makes' from some of Clair's workshops last year.  Anyone local to Saltdean and surrounding areas .... the workshops are worthwhile going to *LOL*  Details can be found on Clair's blog.
OH was 75 last February and I used this card and just added a die cut age to it ... discreetly :D
8 x 8 card. An SU leaf stamp and die set.  Beautiful.
8 x 8 card.  SU again and one of my favourite cards from last year's workshops
SU petite petals used here and the leafy branch from the bird punch.  A 6x6 3 way fold card.

That's it for today.  Need to get some sleep *grin*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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