Friday, 26 February 2016

I've done a ...

.... short list *LOL*  I've checked what's been done and what's not - mostly not!  Let's see if this works ....

January 2015 - The poppy I ordered in the first half of 2014 finally arrived.  It's a poppy from the Tower of London ... stories here and here.  I've yet to do anything with it.  Although I bought a glass display dome, I haven't been inspired as to what to actually do with it but it's a beautiful item and something to be cherished for what it stands for.
My crafty-ness leant mainly towards the knitting needles, which I'd picked up for the first time in years.  I gathered my collection of needles together, some of which are older than me.  I don't know why I've kept so many but I have my own, Mum's and Nan's knitting needles.  Nan died in 1967 and I've had her needles for what seems forever but Mum probably passed them over at some point.  I've had to band a lot of them to show the metric sizing as most are the old UK sizes before metric came here.
Aran tunic - made in the 2nd to smallest size and it's now too big - and barely worn *shock*
Difficult to photograph as it is a hankerchief hem so doesn't hang well on a hanger and doesn't really show to best effect laid flat, either!
Not just knitting needles - there were crochet hooks as well.  Some of them were made from bone.  I'm assuming bone and not ivory but they're very old (Nan's).  I'm keeping them - as I am most of what I had.  Several of the same size but different lengths - useful *grin
To round off January 2015 - little great-granddaughter was 3 and started her school life with nursery and  ... eldest granddaughter passed her driving test *grin*  Life changes for both.
3 years old with big opinions - *lol*
That's pretty much January 2015 ... and 2016 done although there's one project I've done this year that can't be shown yet as the recipient hasn't had it and can't risk they stumble upon it.  There is a story!
I forgot to post a pic of the January 2016 birthday girls .....
Growing fast and now 4 years old.  'Big' school looms.
Birthday girls, 10 and 14 (born on Dad's 80th birthday) and the non-birthday boy .... the youngest grandchildren
..... not January birthday children but taken on MY January birthday - the eldest grandchildren (Dad - 24 - and Auntie - 19 - to great-granddaughter)  My birthday flowers were from these 2.  I promised not to put on Facebook - this isn't Facebook *wink*
That's 2 years of January done and dusted .... on to February.
Thanks for dropping by .....

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