Sunday, 28 February 2016

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... today - not from last year, as such, however, this 'story' started last year .... or nearly 31 years ago, depending on how you look at it.  Back in February, when I blogged a bit about my birthday, I mentioned that there was something on the horizon.  Well, it's arrived!  My 30th wedding anniversary present, 2015 Christmas present and my 65th birthday present, all wrapped into one beautiful, amazing gift from my hubby!

This started when I was asked what I'd like for my anniversary present.  I had no idea!  An idea suddenly began to form and I thought I'd like my wedding & engagement rings redesigned.  I'd never had what I'd really wanted all those years ago.  I didn't want an engagement ring but did want a fancy wedding ring (quite common now but not then).  OH being the traditionalist he is wanted to 'do it properly' and get engaged, with a ring so .... I chose the cheapest one I liked the look of and also a cheap wedding ring.  Anyway, we discussed and he agreed I could look into having them redesigned.  Along with the wedding ring and engagement ring I also had a couple of eternity rings he'd bought me and he also gave me a little solitaire ring that his Mum had given him.  On top of that I had a wedding band style ring that belonged to Mum (not her wedding band ... that's for a future 'story')  After a bit of research into where I could get a 'bespoke' ring done, appointment made - in early September off I went with a vague idea of what I'd like done.

Top L - my wedding ring:  Top R - Mum's band:
Bottom L to R - solitaire: engagement ring: pale ruby/diamond and dark ruby/diamond eternity rings
I presented a scrappy bit of paper to the jeweller, with the rings.  I couldn't quite have what I would have liked as it wouldn't have worked so, taking their advice as the jewellery experts I left everything in their - as it turned out - very capable hands.  They have been sooooo patient with me.  My fingers have lied all the way down the line and resizing has been done several times but ........ 

On Saturday I collected them for the final time and they're perfect!  I love them and I can't stop looking at them.  They're not what I wanted 30 years ago - I may have that in a few more weeks in a different way - but these are mine!  They've given me the closest they could to the design I took to them.  It may not be entirely original as I was inspired by 2 or 3 rings I found on websites but it's what I came up with to use what I had ... and their tweaks.  My 'cheap' wedding and engagement rings are no longer 'cheap' but more importantly they have a lot of sentimental value and they're unique.
Photos don't really do these rings justice.  They're so sparkly and beautiful *big grin*
.... and the magicians (and patient as saints) who performed the magic?  Studio Crafts Jewellers ... and their YouTube channel which was the clincher in choosing them *grin*
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