Sunday, 7 February 2016

That's it ...

... January done.  A 12th of the year gone already and well into the next 12th.  Scary!

I'm now officially 'old'!  If I wasn't before I am now.  65th birthday done and gone.  Had a lovely day.  Different for us, especially as we don't usually celebrate birthdays.  We're usually unwell come birthdays, especially special number birthdays.  This year we took a stroll from home to Rottingdean and had a late lunch/early dinner in the White Horse Hotel.  Came home via public transport .... bus!  First time OH has been on a bus since 1985 *ROFL*  Would have taken a very slow stroll back if he'd not been in so much pain.  Despite that we had a nice day and I've been 'celebrating' all week!  A couple of evenings out and collecting birthday cards as the week has moved on.   Chocolates, flowers and a DVD to mark the occasion.  I'm a happy lady .... doesn't take much *grin*  There's something else on the horizon as well but that can wait until it's all done.

There's been another of Clair's workshops and I absolutely love the card.  I've liked them all so far, even those that I didn't think I would.  So far this year we've done these .......
1st workshop of 2016 - SU blossom stamp and tab top punch.  Other stamps (background and sentiment) are MFT
2nd workshop - Apple Blossom Build a Cake die set from Craft Stash.  I added gems, an age and Happy Birthday (yes, they're peel offs so shoot me!) and used the card for middle granddaughter's birthday.  She loved it :)
3rd workshop - a centre diamond fold card base made by measuring, scoring and folding and dies were only used for the actual topper - everything else measured, hand cut and stamped.  Stamps & matching dies used were by JustRite.
Having another trawl through some of last years 'stuff' et voilá .... another first.   I took part in the Race for Life.  I asked the middle granddaughter if she'd like to join me.  She agreed and then her young sister wanted to in as well.  Ended up the 2 youngest granddaughters and their Mum joined me and it was fun.  Mind you, we didn't do too well on the 'race' bit as it was a hard task for us.  5k - which DiL's app showed as actually over 6k - and, 1 hour 50 minutes (give or take a few seconds) and we arrived back but ... we weren't last *rofl*  Nearly, but not quite!  We started near the front of the walkers but were soon being overtaken.  Mind, if the girls hadn't been with me I'd have given up before the first 500m when I saw the hill we had to climb *scary!*
Off we go!
Support crew *grin*
Start of that hill *scary!*
Where is everyone else?
The end and feeling accomplished ... even if knackered!

Would I do it again?  Possibly, but not at this venue.  It would have to be flat.  This one turned out to be mainly uphill.  Flat and going down wasn't too bad but the first 2k or more were killers for me and DiL.  The youngsters had to be reigned back to walk at our speed which was pretty much stop, start, rest over and over .... hence coming in near last.  We did, despite that, enjoy it and felt as though we'd accomplished something so yes, it was worth it and we can say we've done it once even if we never do it again *grin*

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