Sunday, 24 July 2016

Excited much ...

.... John Bloodworth (Gentleman Crafter) is having another crafty weekend at the Manor House Hotel in Godalming in November as part of his All Counties Craft Challenge.  This time he's personally doing Brother Scan & Cut workshops but he's roped in some of his friends to do other workshops.  Those friends?  Leonie Pujol, Paula Pascual, Jenny Mayes and Sarah Milsop.  Leonie will be doing 'things' with her own range of stamps, dies & stencils.  Paula Pascual will be doing 'stuff' with Tonic dies.  Jenny will be having us using her Hobby Art stamps and Sarah is beading.  I've booked for Leonie, Paula and Jenny.  This time my playmate will be Kim and we'll be camping out at Greta's.  Try as we might we've not managed to convince Greta to come and play with us as well *sad*  Cally will be off to Florida a few days earlier so won't be around.  I've experienced workshops with all 3 - Leonie (at the GBCF) Paula and Jenny (both at the Glitterpot) - in the past so know that we'll have a great time over the weekend.  Can't wait for it to arrive now.

This Saturday just gone we had a visit from eldest grandson and our little great-granddaughter.  She's with her Daddy now for the 6 week summer break so hopefully we'll see a little more of her while she's here.  She starts school in September ... that's scary!  Think they'll know they've got her.  She's quite a character and definitely has a mind of her own *LOL!*

Today I was on chauffeuring duties taking hubby to his acupuncture session.  Bonus to that is we had lunch out and on the way home I did the weekly grocery shop.  Trying to use the bits that are left in the freezer before I buy any more for that so main shop was pretty much fruit, veg, bread and milk.  It's done now for another week though and menus worked out to use what we have.

Got to sort out my old tumble drier before Saturday.  The new one is arriving but they won't leave it without taking the old one away. It's one of those that has found to have a fault but we've had it years. Can't actually remember when we bought it but the serial number came up as affected so, thank you very much, a £230 tumble drier for £59 will do nicely *grin*   Unfortunately we have  it stacked on top of the washing machine and a table top freezer is on top of that so I have a tower to dismantle.  Youngest son may be home on Friday .... I wonder if I can rope him into helping *LOL*

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