Sunday, 21 August 2016

Adrenaline Rush ...

.... well, it wasn't for me but the 'boys' entered a local Adrenaline Rush event (an obstacle course race) yesterday at Stanmer Park.   It was the first OCR that the youngest had done and it's the first time they've done anything together in years  It was good to see.  The OH and I went down to watch and arrived not long before they came into sight for the last few hundred yards.  Now wish we'd gone earlier, for the start, as it seems there were more obstacles further into the park so we didn't really get to see much but weather was a bit iffy.  Fine for the participants, not so good, if it turned nasty, for spectators.  As it turned out, us waiting to see how the weather was developing was the reason we missed so much.  If they do a spectator friendly one again we'll be there a lot earlier!
The OH and I have been glued to the TV/red button for the past 2 weeks .... archery, shooting, cycling, rowing, canoeing, gymnastics, diving and so on but not a lot of athletics.  Yep, we've been watching the Olympics from Rio.  Athletics tended to be on very late at night into the early hours but, to be honest, we're not as interested in that as we are in the more minority sports.  Definitely archery and shooting as they were/are our sports so we know what we're looking at.  Doesn't stop us thinking we can spot things that aren't quite right or exceptionally good in other sports though  *ROFL!*  We're now watching the marathon, traditionally the last sport of the games.  We won't be watching the closing ceremony ... well, not live anyway.  It doesn't start until past midnight for us.  We haven't actually seen the opening ceremony.  Perhaps we need to go onto catch up and see what we can find .....  Now for the Paralympics - so much more inspirational and again, of special interest to us.  Just hoping we get some decent TV coverage.

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