Monday, 22 August 2016

Excited ...

... much!  2 holidays booked in less than a week.  One for a week in October with the OH and one for a 2 week cruise in August next year with a friend.  

The October one will cover the week that includes our 31st anniversary.  We're going to an area of the UK we've not been to before.  Well, not to investigate anyway.  We've been to take part in an archery tournament (an intercounties one) many years ago but no sightseeing was done.  This time it will be sightseeing all the way.  We're doing a caravan holiday.  We couldn't seem to find an hotel that could accommodate the wheelchair and, even one that said they could then asked us what we meant by wheelchair accessible *shock*.  Didn't give much confidence that their advertised wheelchair accessible rooms would be, even if they hadn't been closed for the week we wanted.  Caravan park couldn't have been more helpful and we've an adapted caravan booked giving us a massive saving to put towards days and eating out.

The August cruise .... a bucket list item being marked off - twice!  First the cruise and second, the destination.  Norway!  Ideally I'd love to do Norwegian fjords in the winter but cruises at that time of year are in short supply and seem to be extra expensive when found.  This one is a bit more than that though in that it crosses the Arctic circle.  We leave from Southampton and cruise, calling in at different ports on the way, up to Honningsvag.  Google it.  It's right round the top of Norway, in the land of the midnight sun and nearly in the Barent Sea.  Looking forward to it immensely.  Just need to decide which excursions we'd like to do - and the other one of the 'we'?  Wendy, my roomie from Florida.  She gave me a couple of brochures to look at last Thursday at workshop.  I opened one and it fell on this page and, for me I didn't need to look any further.  Lucky for me Wendy was up for it as well and Friday she booked it.  Job done *grin!*

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