Sunday, 4 September 2016

Doctors, nurses ...

 ... nothing much more interesting except we've had a day looking after this little one.
This past week we decided to be tourists in our own town and take a boat trip from the Marina. Just 45 minutes along the coast, from the Marina, out past the Palace Pier and on to the West Pier ruins and then back again.  On buying the ticket the guy said it was choppy and we may get wet.  'Tis only water!  It was a tad choppy but I was able to stand when I wanted - and we didn't get wet.  Well, one spray hit us but that was all.  Kids were loving it - just like a theme park ride was the general concensus.  I thought it better *LOL*
The West Pier will never be restored.  There's a new attraction where the entrance to the West Pier used to be.  It opened towards the end of August.  The i360 or i-Sore as some have dubbed it.  Have to say it's a weird looking thing.  The pod looks so tiny compared to the pole it travels up but it's supposed to carry 250 people.  I've not been up in it yet.  I'll wait until the novelty has worn off then go and register as a resident and get the ride half price *grin*.  I'll go up once, to say I've done it.  Doubt I'll bother again.  I've heard complaints that it's not a long enough ride.  I'm lead to believe it's 20 minutes in total.  The complaints I've heard about say you don't get long at the top (which isn't the top but quite a few meters below the actual top of the pole) - not long enough to take everything in, anyway.  Guess half price might be as much as anyone should pay???  I'll find out when I do it.  It did look as though it spends longer at ground level than 'up the pole' *LOL!*
On the way back to the Marina I got some shots of the coast the other way ... Rottingdean, Saltdean, Peacehaven and beyond ... Newhaven, Seaford
The only other thing of note that happened ...
The OH drove for the first time in over 2 years *YAY!*  My car is booked for it's MOT and should be back on the road at the end of the month - over a year since it has been.  Just hope it doesn't need major works.

Nothing crafty to show.  Workshop card from last week hasn't been finished yet.  I've flowers to roll - or replace.  Not decided yet but will at some point.

Thanks for dropping by .....

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