Monday, 5 September 2016

Workshop ...

... first of Clair's in September.  Rolled flowers.  I'm not a fan of rolled flowers.  Have tried to love them.  Have tried to like them but they just don't do it for me.  The card is pretty but it would have been as pretty using different flowers.  I finished the base card in workshop - and a few of the flowers were rolled.  I didn't finish them there.  I took an old paperback book with me.  The sample card was grey, pink and blue flowers.  I fancied a few book page ones.  Initially wasn't going to use any pink but the pink lifted the other colours so pink was used.  I like the book page flowers.  Should have used a different book though.  The pages of this one were a tad too thin to make the flowers effectively.  It'll make good background paper though and I'm sure there are other ways it will be used.  I'll use thicker book pages for flowers in future.  So, here's the card ..... will have to think about who's likely to be receiving this one.  *grin*

Workshop was interesting this week. A sing-song began.  Can't remember how or why but what started as a sing-song pretty much became a full scale choir.  Strangely it sounded really good - and was fun!

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