Monday, 12 September 2016

Arrghhhh! ...

... slipping behind again *shock!*

I keep getting side-tracked.  I'm trying to do a photo book for the Florida trip I did with some of Clair's workshop members back in May.  It's easy for it to take over everything and before I know it the 10 minutes I was going to give it has become a few hours.  I'm working on day 7.  I've got to day 7 reasonably quickly and easily but day 7 is Disney's Magic Kingdom day.  Lots of photos and, although most won't make it into the book and not even been selected to download to the Photobox album, there's still lots to go through and be selective.  When I started doing these photo books the largest book had 100 pages.  The last one I did they'd increased that to 120.  I notice that it's now 160.  Initially I didn't think I was going to get to the 100.  Without Magic Kingdom and Epcot (which is still to be done) I don't think I would have.  It now seems, I may need the full 160 *wow!*

I do have things to blog - another tourist in my home town trip out and a different workshop.  Photos have been uploaded for one, photos of results still to be taken of another and ... a birthday!  Our little grandson was 8 on Thursday.

I'll try harder to leave the photo book and catch up here .... perhaps *LOL!*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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