Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Really been ...

... side-tracked these past couple of weeks or so.  Photo book of Florida has really been taking me away from everything else, apart from the normal things like laundry, shopping, housework etc, although even that has suffered to a certain extent.  The OH and I have made a bit of time for 'tourist at home' type things and a trip to the cinema.  Ben Hur last time.  Never been to the cinema so much.  Think, in the 30+ years we've been married we've been 4 times until recently .... a war film (one of the Telly Savalas ones - first date), Ghost Busters a couple of weeks later when we got engaged and a few years later ... Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.  He thinks we've been more since then.  If we have I don't remember and why would I remember them 3 and nothing newer???  We've seen several films lately and all thanks to those blooming meerkats - LOL!

Anyway, I think I've finished the photo book.  Not sure entirely as there's some I'm not completely happy however, there's a deal on a voucher for a heavily discounted print.  I'll buy the voucher then I'll have a month from date of purchase to complete and order the book.  I'll buy it on the last day of the offer and then I'll spend time going through it a few times to tidy it up and try to become happy with the pages I'm not too pleased with.  A few days break may help.

I was awake at 2:30 this morning.  Got up at 4:30 because I got fed up of laying there with brain refusing to shut down.  By the time the OH had got up I'd sorted out all my recipes and rehomed them.  Completed my Microsoft daily challenges and completed the photo book which I'd left with a few pages and a couple of days of the holiday to do.  To that end, here is what it is at the moment.  It may change a bit but most of it will stay as is .....

It's been a while since I've done one.  Not even sure how to get it on the blog other than a straight forward link.  May have to go look at previous ones - ROFL!

UPDATE: 22/09/16 - it seems all my other photo books have disappeared from the blog.  Have a job to put links on now and update the relevant posts.  Thanks Google 'cos can't see any other reason they'd have disappeared other than Blogger no longer accepting how they were put on *sad*

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