Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Starting well ...

... (or should that be ending) NOT!!

What have I been doing today? I've been talking to a very nice (and patient!) man in India 'cos brand new lappy threw a wobbly and died! We've been trying to revive it but it's dead - or at least the hard drive is. I've now got to wait for a new hard drive to arrive and then hope that my techie can get my files off of the old one for me before I send it back. I'm usually so careful about backing my files up on a weekly basis but there has been so much going on just lately that I've not backed one file up since I've had the new lappy and I've got lots of photo's on it that I will have lost if I can't get them retrieved. Other stuff, although annoying, is not so important.

Seems that the hard drive was faulty and, if I had realised, I was actually given a clue all was not well last week and that it may be on it's way out. My Favorites folder moved itself to a different location. I tried moving it back but it just kept duplicating itself where it had moved to and then, when I tried to do a System Restore it told me it hadn't been completed but it had. Apparently all clues that there's a potential problem with hard drive and I'd have done a backup then if I'd known!

Anyway, using eldest son's lappy at mo so, will take this opportunity to wish everybody a very happy 2009 and hope that it's gonna be better than 2008. Don't think it could be much worse for me but there were some good points - the arrival of little Zac being the highlight.

Thanks for dropping by .....

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