Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Going, going, ...

GONE - awaiting collection!

GONE - and taken ... including all the records!

... and the leg? I rang the local NHS Rehabilitation Centre - oddly, where Grandad's leg originally came from and ..... despite it being so old, with him having died in 1977, they have said I can drop it back to them. As I pass the place when I go to the doctor (which I will be doing again tomorrow) that's not too much of a problem at all. Have no idea why it was never returned when Grandad died. They did a collection service then so Mum & Dad could have got it collected quite quickly and easily. The collection service is no longer available but they tell me that Grandad's records may be - in paper version if not on database - and I'm to put his name in with the leg. If the leg can't be reused as-is it can be taken apart and all the separate components will be sent to a Third World country for reuse. It seems that it doesn't matter how old the limb is the parts can still be used.

My visit to the doc tomorrow - my leg ..... still! It's at the stage that I can barely walk with the pain and I'm taking pretty heavy duty painkillers now. The meds that helped the first time round didn't the second time. They're now finished and I've been taking some meds I had that were prescribed me for the early stages of a frozen shoulder a couple of years ago. They make me sleepy and make me feel sick sometimes and even they aren't helping too much with the pain. Reckon I now need some more extensive tests ..... Seeing another doc tomorrow but it's one of the regular docs, not a locum, which is who I've seen the last 2 times.

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Liz said...

You have been busy Pam, bet you will be glad when you finally see your dad settled. Sorry to hear about the pain you are in with your leg [know how that feels]. Hope you get to the bottom of the problem soon. Take care. x