Sunday, 21 June 2009

Crafter's House Party ...

... instalment number 5 ...... the crafting one (for what it's worth *LOL*)

... what fun we had! (Check out the Ramblings for the general story and photos of the House Party)

Nothing formal, just a list of suggestions and offers of demo's with everybody prepared to contribute something, if not by way of demo by way of tools, paper, card, stamps and general materials. Did we get to do it all? No way! From being concerned that we wouldn't have enough, it soon became obvious that there was absolutely no way that we would ever get everything on the list done. Better to have too much than not enough became the philosophy. Some people did very little, even no, crafting, preferring to take the time to totally relax. Then there were some who would have crafted but, in remembering their contribution, forgot to bring their personal tools and couldn't get on with borrowed ones - silly Jak! There was a good variety and choice and there were times when I'm sure we were all doing something different with each concentrating on something they particularly wanted to spend time on.

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Seems I found a period of time when half of us were missing for one reason or another. Lunch, chat, pampering, emergency call to hospital - whatever! On one occasion when I ventured into the Refectory (our craft room for the weekend) there was only one lonely bod working. Seems nothing was going to stop Pat from playing ..... with beaded flowers by the look of it - LOL!


Update - 24th June: More piccies added to slideshow, contributed by Jan, so there's less people missing *lol*


Anonymous said...

Good times had by nearly all of you Pam
Sue c

Sylvia R said...

Great photos

Sylvia x

Greta said...

Great pics Pam x