Friday, 10 July 2009

Oh, it was difficult ...

... NOT! What wasn't? Spending the Glitterpot vouchers that the lovely ladies from the Crafter's House Party weekend gave me. I did a couple of classes there today with Paula Pascual (Crafty Storage/Paula-Paulita blog laydeeee) and she is one mad Spanish female! Really should have just stuck to one class 'cos they were manic and can't say as I totally enjoyed them. Personally I think too much was crammed in so it was all rush (and very little instruction in the afternoon class so I ended up winging it) ..... and I didn't really learn a lot different, which is what I was hoping for. Still, you don't know if you don't go and guess it's better than sitting twiddling thumbs! Just felt that my finished products would have been a lot better with a little more time taken on them.

Anyway, shopping I did and none of it related to the classes 'cos I didn't need to buy anything as I'd got all the stuff already. Think that was a first 'cos I usually come out with a list of some things that I want although ... one Impressability had found it's way into my basket before the classes even started - *hehe*. Have to say, I didn't need the class to shop today .... a couple of Martha Stewart punches, some Dewdrops, embossing powders, Impressability, a little stamp, decent aqua brush, black versafine, some small cards, expandable envelopes of various sizes and some other basics. That and the classes came to just over £90 and all I paid was £41! Thank you ladies - and you shouldn't have but it's really appreciated! Best bit - spending Greta's pennies for her - *LOL*

Here's the more interesting content of my shopping. Haven't put the 'basics' or the envelopes in 'cos they're not really interesting ... although, expandable so really useful for those deeper 3D cards! I only bought white ones 'cos more universal.

Just realised that the dotty Martha Stewart I bought isn't the one I wanted - *doh!* Still, not a bad lot of stash for £40 *LOLOL*

Thanks for dropping by .....

ps. I started this post just before 7pm on Thursday evening and saved it (hence reference to 'today'). It's now 03:55am Friday morning and I'm finishing it. 2nd sleepless night in a row. Guess I've to be grateful for the 1½ hours sleep I have had tonight. Will be trying again soon ....


Hootin' Anni said...

Hi PeeJay!
I just added your blog link to bloggers over 50!


If you'd like, stop by to visit with me when you can. I always like company.

Your blog, by the way, is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

As usuall Pam you do know how to fill a day.Great stash.
Sue c

Anonymous said...

Hello Pam,

Love all your 'goodies' - I'm so jealous, but in 3 weeks I will have my own stash from the Glitterpot, when my beautiful son comes over to Australia for a visit.

Keep blogging - I love it.

Jennifer (Yes, that one)!

Jon Bratton said...

Why don't you put Google Ads on your two blogs. My little effort earns me $2 per day which is $14 per week which is $700+ per year. That buys a lot of crafting goodies!!

PeeJay said...

Jon - I signed up for it, put it on and took it straight off again. Didn't like it the way it made the blog look ... unless I can hide it ... which rather defeats the object. Anyway, how much is $700? A mere drop in the ocean to what I spend on crafting goodies in a year - I nearly did that much in one hit on punches alone a few months ago - LOLOL!