Sunday, 4 April 2010

Fundu Lagoon - Day 3 ...

... and second post today!  Guess I should be wishing people a Happy Easter but it's not a holiday that we take a lot of notice of, if I'm truthful. However, I still wish everybody the best day possible *LOL*  I spent a little while with the littlies this afternoon and gave them their eggs but ... we're a family of atheists so it's more a break from work, for those that do, otherwise it's just another weekend with a couple of Bank (Public) Holidays attached and one not to venture out on if you want to avoid crowds - *lol*!  Anyway, on with the tales ...

23rd February ... Birthday, step and dinner!

Hubby's 70th birthday! I'd made his card and had left it, with instruction not to open it 'til the day! (He'd already had his pressie) As we'd been told not to go to jetty bar before 11am I took the opportunity, after breakfast, of sending him an email from the lappy in the gift shop (?). Oh dear! Lappy 100 years old and didn't have mousepad! Well, not one I could find anyway. Turned out it was a little button stuck in middle of keyboard. Internet connection decidedly dodgy as well but email sent ... eventually ... and off to jetty bar!

We got brave and decided to take a short walk along the beach (with cameras, of course) and have a paddle at the same time.  Short walk 'cos it was too blooming hot and sunny to have a long one!  More than 5 minutes and we'd have fried *LOL*

Now we did get into trouble - or rather, I did! Notice the difference?

Yep, platform OK on way down. Broke on way back! The planks felt a bit strange on way down - bouncy and spongey. Guess our weight was just too much and as I went to follow Jackie back up .... 'snap' and I was on an elevator - I went down with it - *lol* Jackie was hanging over the side of the jetty, with her camera, finding it highly amusing. Reported in, confession made and platform was duly repaired! Sea water has a lot to answer for - *grin*

A resort boat coming back from Misali Island after a snorkeling trip

One of the Masai security guys

Sunset viewed from our room

Dinner was private, in Matt and Anie's little 'house' but not before a couple of cocktails and a bit of socialising at the main bar ... which was when it suddenly came home to us that we were actually  hobnobbing with wealth ... and Lords and Ladies *lol*  Well, one lord and his lady anyway!  Lord William (no idea of where, who or what) was honeymooning with his bride.

Little mention of the local wildlife so far (saving that *lol*) but tonight, on way back to room ... a bushbaby! Tried to photograph it but too dark and pictures not good. We heard them a lot at night - they are very, very noisy - but they were not easy to see and this was the only one we managed to get a good look at!

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