Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fundu Lagoon - Day 9

1st March - and ... not blooming likely! This was real funny but could be one that you had to be there for!

Another day on Misali Island for snorkelling. This time just me, Jackie, another couple of guests and Simba - the snorkel 'guide'. Sea choppy and female of the couple decided not to go. Think she made the right choice as it turned out *lol*!

Onto little boat and off we go. Pretty tough rough going.  Heading into wind ... and waves. Waves start coming over side. Simba offered waterproofs. "That's OK" say me and Jackie. "We're Brits and used to getting wet". Oh my word - or famous last ones!  So much water Simba passes waterproof to cover basket cameras and books in. I'm up front, getting worst of it - full in face! Decided to cover self (OK, so horse bolted, stable door and all that) as well as basket. Put arms in sleeves - waterproof back to front. Jackie hunkered down behind me .... 
We laughed so much the guys must have wondered what they'd got with them. We were laughing 'cos we were getting so wet and for being so stupid! We couldn't ask for waterproofs after being so blasé ... could we? Trip to Misali - 3 times longer than normal. We got soaked! I mean - really, really wet!
Arrived Misali, jumped off boat and ... "Guess what I'm NOT doing!" It was too rough for me to even paddle let alone swim and snorkel. I claimed a sunbed - in the shade 'cos it was still sunny and hot - and Jackie went snorkelling with Simba! Beautiful morning. Beach dress hanging out to dry.  Quite a bit going on. Divers coming in for lunch. Yachts anchoring offshore. Local fishermen in their dhows. Little, and not so little, crabs to watch the antics of. Lunch served, Simba went diving around our little boat and after lunch off they went, snorkelling again.

As things were being packed away Simba was still diving around our little boat, then he moved it. He'd 'broken the anchor' - oops! Broken anchor? That explained why he'd been playing around near a bouy. He'd been tying the boat off. Anchor rope had broken and he couldn't reach the anchor because of the conditions. Tide coming in, sea getting closer to us than the boat! I'm watching and thinking that there was no way we were going to get back into that boat if  water gets any closer. Too deep!  Eventually Simba decides it's time to go.

Guess who was volunteered to go first (note - I had no choice!) while Jackie stands back with camera at the ready. 4 attempts later I'd nearly made it onto the side and into boat but crest of waves took boat out from under my butt! Next, Simba grabs me, thunder thighs, and virtually throws me into boat! Poor man ... think he knew he'd done it! Next thing there's hysterical Jackie lying virtually at my feet! She'd managed, somehow, to launch herself over the side but I reckon it's because she was crying with laughter *lol*!

Journey back better than going. Wind behind us! What a day, but so enjoyable except ... although I'd stayed in the shade all day I'd managed to get my shins burnt - and burnt they surely were! We then had to confess, once back, that anchor lost but ... Simba knew where 'twas and would collect the next day. Had to happen on our watch *LOL*!

Sundowners taken at jetty bar this evening, with the owners and management but dinner was had with another couple we'd become friendly with.

All in all a memorable day *LOL*

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Jackie said...

loving the write ups and reliving the memories.... xx

Jackie said...

ps .... anything to get a big black man to come to ya rescue. 1!! so who was the silly one here !!!! lol