Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Over a month ...

... now and still no nearer to updating blog. Real life is truly getting in the way! Some of the s**t mentioned in the previous post has sort of resolved-ish but some is still happening and will be around for a while it seems. It needs a lot of positive thinking at the moment but hubby has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, confirming the bit of s**t - his suspicions - that he hit me with that day. Biopsy's and scans have been done in the last two days and results are now awaited. Fingers, toes and anything else that can be crossed are firmly crossed. We know it's very common. We know it's completely treatable if caught early enough. We know that most men have it, even if they don't know it, and are never bothered by it. We're in a 'don't know' phase for all of it but mainly we don't know if it's been caught early enough. We do know that an operation isn't an option.

While we were waiting for hubby's hospital referral appointment to arrive we managed to celebrate our Silver Wedding. As our anniversary fell on a Saturday (16th October) we had a weekend away on the Isle of Wight. Neither of us had been there in the 25+ years we've known one another. Have to say it was a marriage most people didn't think would work. My 2nd, his 3rd. He's 11 years older than me. We met in February '85 but didn't date until the end of May. We got engaged the following weekend and married just 4 months later. Now we've celebrated our 25 years against all the odds? It would have been Mum & Dad's 62nd anniversary on the 16th as well .. had Mum lived. They also met in the February and married in the October but something tells me that the chances of us seeing 50 years, let alone any more,  is pretty remote.  Age, and health, is against us - lol!

Our family ... as it was at the time.

What a difference 25 years make ... in many ways! 
Neither Mum is still with us but brother has since married and now has 2 step-children and grandchildren and a son of his own.  The lads were adopted by hubby (their birth father was, and has been, conspicuous by his absence) and both have since married and given us 5 beautiful grandchildren. Sadly eldest son's marriage ended a couple of years ago but we're soon to have a new daughter-in-law and 3 step-grandchildren. Youngest son married his childhood sweetheart and, in the process, gave us a beautiful daughter-in-law.  Unfortunately hubby became wheelchair bound within 5 years of the 1985 wedding photo.  A month after that was taken he had his first laminectomy and it was all downhill from there with respect to his mobility and ... both of our weights have escalated!  Once, we were slim!

It's been reasonably quiet on the Dad front until today! Today he's had another fall and this time he's ended up in A&E. He fell and cut the back of his head. Unfortunately he's choosen a day when I can't be with him as I'm full of bugs and don't think that the hossie would be too happy with me going in and spreading my particular type of cheer about! He's not on his own though as one of his night carers has gone to be with him, bless her, so he has somebody he knows. Hopefully, once they've sorted the cut - which is thought needs a couple stitches - he will be sent home again. He went willingly, which is a miracle, so he must have realised that he really needed treatment this time.

I need to go through my photos from June onwards and schedule time to update.  I need to start to get some sort of normality back in my life as it seems a bit out of control at the moment.  I enjoy the times I have 'booked' as it takes my mind away from the problems.  Perhaps I should treat blogging time in the same way but ... it could be that this blog will come back into it's own again in the coming months.  I'm so hoping not!
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Cally said...

Pam, that is the first time I have seen a piccie of you and Paul on your wedding day.. Sorry to hear about your Dad but I'm sure he will be fine.


Debbie said...


My husband and I just celebrated our 35 wedding anniversary. He is ten years older than me and we dated 2 months before we got married. We are still very happy.

He had prostate cancer the first time in 1997 and the second time in 2006. He is 69 and in remission. Cancer is a scary word. My prayers are with you.

God Bless,

debbie p