Friday, 4 February 2011

Nearing the end.

A couple more and nearly done!

Kim's and this one really made me chuckle!

... the extra detail that tickled my sense of humour *hehe*

I can't say who made this one but it wasn't by the person that gave it to me - or at least, I don't think she's taken up card making but who knows?  A very long standing friend (since 1969-ish) gave it to me - Mary.  I'll have to find out where she's getting her handmades from *grin*



Geri said...

Peejay can you help me please I love the stamp Kim did on the 60 card "put your big girl panties on and deal with it" would love to purchase the stamp I live in Australia also may I ask you for the measurements of your "never ending card" please I love your cards many thanks for your freebies your tutorials as we don't have card classes these are a great help to my cardmaking cheers Geri

PeeJay said...

FAO Geri - can't contact you directly so will answer you here. Kim says the stamp is a Dolly Mama clear stamps set by Stamps Happen. I believe you can get it wood mounted as well. The wording is part of the whole image.

The never-ending card is 6 inches square but you can make them any size you like. Each of your 4 pieces has to have the depth half the width so a 6" x 6" card has 4 pieces measuring 6" x 3". A 4" x 4" has 4 pieces measuring 4" x 2" and so on.

Hope that helps and you pick up my reply to you. :0)

PeeJay said...

FAO Geri - Just found this -
The clear stamp set has different texts to put on the bag so is probably better value as you have a choice.

Geri said...

Thankyou so much Peejay for your help much appreciated with the measurements for the never ending card also where to find the stamp for Kim's card,cheers Geri from Aus