Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ironing ...

... pah! Hate it with a vengeance but sometimes it's a necessary evil and today was one of those times :0( I sometimes think it's putting all of  it away that's even worse. Anyway, it's up to date again, stowed away and I've packed my case for the weekend.  Not much needed so didn't take too long to do - which is more than can be said for that dratted ironing *lol*

I'm going to post one of the shoebox projects that I managed to complete at the House Party. I really didn't get many made at all but that was fine as I hadn't really planned on doing any. I might try to get some posts scheduled for when I'm away, if I get time :0). If I don't, then it will be back to catch up next week *LOL*

Anyway, the first one ... Greta's contribution. Hers was based around the memory wire bracelet as opposed to the card. The card is a little 3x3 inch card done as a gift card to go with the bracelet.  We had a choice of colours and Greta had matched the colours for the card with the colour of the beads in the packs. Very pretty and I love it!

  Thanks for dropping by .....


Anne-Marie said...

Pam, these are sooo pretty...gorgeous colours on those!
Glad you got some craftin' done....soothes the soul...ha!
You are showin' up in Google reader with a post called Chris decided...but blogger says there is no such's been playin' silly beggars all day!
Catch it tomorrow....hugs. x

My'scardcorner said...

Had a job to leave this comment Pam but hopefully blogger is now ehaving. I love the card and the bracelet such rich colours they are both fab.Enjoy your fewdays away and hope you enjoyed driving your new car.