Saturday, 7 June 2008


I have a couple of Picturetrail sites, one is my 'gallery' for my crafty makings (although it's not been updated recently) and one is what I call my 'business' one from which I mainly sell legally bought decoupage sheets (new and original, not snagged copyright violations - lol!), a few crafty odds and ends and also a disc of Word files and templates that I produced to help crafters make their own basic card inserts. Anyway, when I first had these sites I used to receive a weekly update as to the number of hits they received and which items were the most popular. Some time ago now, probably a year or so, that information stopped being available so I've had no idea how popular, or not, these sites have been.

Today, within the last hour, it looks as though it's started up again and - my 'business' site has had 18,585 hits over the last 7 days with the card insert section being the most popular with 1,276 hits (there a lot of decoupage sheets - lol!)! Over 18k hits is huge but, I've not sold one thing to anyone in that 7 days - lol!! In fact, I've only sold one thing from that site in months so I had the impression it just wasn't being found. Now I know it is it's a bit of a boost - and I'm a bit chuffed :o)) Just as well I don't rely on it for income though - lol!! Wonder how many hits the other one's had????

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