Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Cor blimey!! ...

... twice!

The first one - my BALLOON FLIGHT!! OK, I know I'm shouting but - it was cancelled ...... AGAIN! ... because of high winds and heavy showers and guess what the weather's like right now? Yep, calm and sunny - gggrrrrr - probably not calm enough though - hehe!! I've rebooked it for a 6th time - yep, that was SIXTH - but this time I've changed tack and have booked a sunrise one instead of a sunset. Don't reckon it'll make any difference but hey, law of averages says it's got to happen sometime. Just no more hot, balmy summer's evenings left this year - :0( Do I get any sympathy? Well, here's what eldest sent me when I told him - "Sorry but I am laughing. It's just the whole episode of this flight could read like a comedy sketch. Would have been better off getting a load of party balloons, a wash basket and a helium cylinder - LOL" Sympathy? Bah!!

The second one - my Crafty Bits blog! I've had loadsa hits over the last couple of days and mainly from the US of A and Canada. I was starting to get really spooked by the amount I was getting and Feedjit was showing they were coming from some really odd sounding sites. Went through to get more detail and I've discovered that a link has been put on some (note, some not one) of the Yahoo Groups. Now I've sort of solved the mystery the spooks have been replaced with a warm glow - lol!! I've also gained a few subscribers (no comments though - boohoo!) to the Bits blog as well. They may pop over here at some point - lol!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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budge said...

So sorry your flight was yet again cancelled Pam. Hope you get to do it soon. Better you than me though. LOL

Sylv xx