Monday, 3 August 2009

Funny sort of ...

... weekend! I don't feel as though I've done anything but I actually have - just doesn't feel like it. Spent time sorting through a load of craft stuff but the bonus to that was - I found things I'd been looking for, for over a week. Now, when I go to Cally's for our 'crafty day' I can actually take what I wanted 'cos I found it all .... *yay!*

I've also been playing with my different colouring mediums and using hubby as a sounding block. Or, at least, trying to but it's a bit like pulling teeth! "Well, I like them all" ... "I don't really have a favourite" ... "They've all got something to like about them" .... for heaven's sake, there must be one that you like better than the others! "Well, I guess it's that one" Hooooo-blooming-ray! I think my colouring is getting better in all mediums but have to say I'm leaning towards the Prismas and Sansodor (for colour intensity) with pastel pencils a close second. Watercolouring - well, still not sure but will keep practising *lol* I've been enjoying playing though and have found it quite relaxing.

I've given up on my nights. They seem to be getting better in as much as I'm not waking quite so early, it's getting to be around 4am now instead of 2:30am which is some sort of improvement and the odd nights I actually manage all night (with a 'comfort' break mid-way through). I'll mention it to the doc next time I go but I seem to be getting enough as I'm not wanting to nod off through the day.

Called to see the littlies yesterday. Emma's lost one of her front teeth and she took delight in showing me how wobbly the other one was - bless! She has a big gap between her 2 top front teeth (inherited from Great-Grandma) so the gap's even bigger now.

Amy was her normal 'scarey' self. She's an adorable little thing and a real comedienne but you never know what she's going to say next and that's what's scarey *LOL*

Little Zac was happily making his way around the furniture and even managed to stand for a couple of minutes unaided - until he realised and then he sat down. A lovely controlled sit-down instead of a fall down. Not an hour after I'd left them he decided he was going to walk properly. Now why didn't he decide to do it while I was there????? He'll be 11 months old on the 9th August.

He's a tiny bit later than the girls were to walk. Emma was just 3 days past 10 months and Amy was only 9 months old when she walked but then he's not really had a need to as the girls are proper little mother hens *LOL* Mind you, they might not be so keen now he's found his feet properly......

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